Engica’s industry-leading technology offers total flexibility by implementing exactly what you need in a future proof Digital Work Control solution where you can connect your teams and contractors in a whole new way with specific applications on a Q4 Digital Work Control cloud platform.

Control of Work and Safety

E-PtW Work Management - Control of Work

Real-time Work Planning and Scheduling. Q4 Work and Safety Management provides features and powerful tools that allow you to coordinate work with permit and isolation requirements.

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Risk Assessments - Control of Work

Operational and Work Risk Assessment. A highly flexible, configurable web-based solution that enables you to visualise, monitor and control risk across your business.

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Permit to Work & Certificates - Control of Work

Market leading Permit to Work Management. Permit to Work is a crucial part of Control of Work, the integrated management of business-critical maintenance processes.

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Isolation Management (LOTO) - Control of Work

Manage your entire isolation and de-isolation procedures. Fully integrated workflow feature, allowing you to prepare and create isolation / de-isolation plans directly from the Q4 system. Standalone or fully integrated.

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Sanction to Test (STT) - Control of Work

Manage your equipment test procedure. Sanction to Test (STT) ensures that tests are not performed without all issued permits being surrendered for increased safety.

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Q4 Smart Maps (Dashboard) - Control of Work

Multi-dimensional, real-time visibility across your site. Q4‘s dynamic dashboard provides complete visibility of all work, including where and when the work is taking place, who by and how.

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Interactive P&ID - Control of Work

Turn basic P&IDs into fully interactive isolation point tools. P&IDs play a key role in operational tasks such as safety, inspections, turn-around planning and much more.

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Control of Work Support

Contractor Management and Portal - Control of Work and CMMS

Control Contractor Site Visits. Q4 Contractor offers the functionality necessary for end-to-end management of work assignments and required safety processes for tasks performed by contractor personnel.

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Smart-Mobile Solutions for Field Operations - Control of Work and CMMS

Access and feedback critical information wherever you are. Q4‘s dynamic user accessibility and business intelligence empowers your workforce to efficiently record data and obtain critical information wherever they are working, on whichever devices they choose to use.

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Outage and Shutdown Management - Control of Work and CMMS

Q4‘s industry-proven workflow engine provides powerful interactive scheduling and Gantt tools to balance work priorities, safety, spares and resources. Giving complete control of planned or forced outages.

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Competency and Skills - Control of Work and CMMS

Q4 resource supports both internal and contractor personnel, roles, skills and competency all maintained with expiry, notifications and re-evaluation.

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Management of Change (MoC) - Control of Work, CMMS and Process Safety

Evaluate and manage process changes with consistent, formal procedures. Creating safer and more efficient processes.

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Audits - Control of Work and Process Safety

The Audit facility provides a formal Q&A mechanism to track individual users of the safety system. Conduct audits on a predefined or random basis across documents which can be done on current or archived records within a controlled life workflow.

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Operational Risk Assessments - Control of Work and Process Safety

Operational Risk Management (ORM) is defined as a continual cyclic process which includes risk assessment, risk decision making, and implementation of risk controls, which results in acceptance, mitigation, or avoidance of risk.

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Smart Shift Logs and Handover - E-Logs, Control of Work, CMMS

Capture and transfer information for complete plant and operation visibility and analysis. Enhance operational efficiency with streamlined transfer of information between shift teams, operators and commercial users.

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Incident Management E-Logs - E-Logs, Control of Work, CMMS

Incident Reporting Made Simple. Capture, manage and investigate incidents at the operational level. Reporting of EHS incidents or near misses can be completed on the go and from any location.

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Register E-Logs - E-Logs, Control of Work, CMMS

Register Logs provide a common mechanism to capture Work and Safety related information. The configurable digital operations Register logbook system allows you to overcome the challenges of paper-based logs and spread silo systems, connecting information from many different sources in one central location.

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Asset Management - CMMS and Control of Work

Streamlined Asset and Maintenance Control. Q4 CMMS delivers strategic, real-time insights and powerful tools that unite assets, work, logistics and safety to streamline work processes, reduce costs and ensure regulatory and safety compliance.

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Plant Work Management - CMMS and Control of Work

Real-time Work Planning and Scheduling across your sites. Q4 Work Management provides features and powerful tools that allow you to go beyond just managing work.

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Inventory Management - CMMS

Optimise your Inventory. Q4 gives you the capability to manage and track inventory across multiple locations with ease.

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Purchasing - CMMS

Support all phases of enterprise-wide procurement. Create and receive against Purchase Orders (POs) and requisitions, and track and report on your purchases.

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Document Managememt System Integration - CMMS, Control of Work, MoC

Improve work quality with direct access to accurate plant information. Documentation is one of your most valuable assets and drives opportunities throughout your organisation.

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Planning Integration and Tools - CMMS and Control of Work

Collaborate, plan and deliver. Increased Transparency in Multi-Project / Operation Management. Efficient collaboration across projects is key to multi-project management success.

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Analytics and Reporting

Reports and Dashboards - All Systems

Support your unique business requirements by creating custom reports, dashboards, KPIs and other visual data insights using our fully configurable reporting tools.

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Integration Connectors

ArcGIS Integration - CMMS and Control of Work

GIS integration brings a new level to Q4’s interactive visual capabilities. Businesses who use ESRI’s ArcGIS (Geographical Information System) to represent data as their central dashboard, across potentially multiple applications, can also display live information from the Q4 permit workflow.

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SAP Integration - CMMS and Control of Work

Seamless bidirectional Control of Work / Maintenance Management data. Our powerful SAP adaptor helps you automate business processes between your existing SAP ERP system, and improve your analytic capabilities by connecting safety process management to operations, and operations with engineering information.

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ERP Integrations with SAP, Maximo, Infor and more - Control of Work and CMMS

Seamless bidirectional Control of Work / Maintenance Management data. Our powerful ERP adaptors help you automate business processes between different ERP systems, and improve your analytic capabilities.

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PLC / SCADA integration - Control of Work and CMMS

Efficient real-time information management and control for demanding operations. SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are crucial for many industries as they help maintain plant efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime.

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Document Management System Integration - Control of Work and CMMS

Support work and safety with associated documents. Documentation is one of your most valuable assets and drives opportunities throughout your organization.

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Plant Interfaces - Control of Work and CMMS

Q4 Plant Interface – The right information to the right people at the right time. Q4 Plant Interface is a key platform that improves operations and maintenance, and at the same time, maximises the reliability and availability of plant assets by achieving greater predictability.

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Calibration Management - CMMS

Improve efficiency of your internal calibration management operations. Q4’s calibration management is designed to schedule and record the results of all your calibration activities and costs.

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Authentication - All Systems

Secure operations with two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.

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SSO (Single Sign-On) and Biometrics - All Systems

Seamless Single Sign-On and Biometrics for identity management. The innovative technology behind Q4 allows businesses to be more efficient, mobile and flexible.

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eLearning - Webinars - Services

Standardized eLearning and webinars for where and when. Engica provides standardized eLearning built around the Q4Control of Work solution covering Work, Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Isolation Management and associated supporting elements.

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Training - Services

Best-Practice Training for Control of Work. Engica can provide classroom training based on client configured systems, appropriate for specific disciplines such as administrators, super-users (train the trainer) and end user role-based staff including Work Planners, Area Authority, Signatory, Performing Authority, Contractors and more.

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Configuration Consultancy - Services

Experience to Guide you on Control of Work Methods. If you are looking to change your safe system of work (be it a legacy paper system or electronic), our services can guide both system design and processes towards a more effective Control of Work solution.

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Implementation - Services

Delivery Methodology Our team-based implementation approach offers expertise that translates your requirements into reality.

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